Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - An Opening Gambit

§1  Selecting a Subject Matter
2  Aims of the Inquiry
§3  Inviting an Audience

Chapter 2 - A War of Worldviews

1  The Fall, Original Sin, and Original Guilt
§2  Lessons from Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Paleoanthropology, Genetics, and Evolutionary Biology

Chapter 3 - The Path of Retreat

1  Concession Strategy I - Abandoning and Apologizing for Original Guilt
2  Concession Strategy II - Reinterpreting and Impoverishing Original Sin
3  Concession Strategy III - Minimizing and Dehistoricizing The Fall
§4  The Retreat Partial - Reclaiming The Fall and Original Sin

Chapter 4 - Original Guilt: An Unsuccessful Rescue Attempt

1  An Inconsistent Triad
2  Preamble to a Solution
3  Background Metaphysics
4  A Solution
5  Four Objections and Replies
6  Three Additional Objections and Replies
§7  An Unexpected Lesson

§8  A Transition

Chapter 5 - Metaphysics and the Hypertime Hypothesis

1  Substantivalism and Stage-Setting
2  Presentism, Growing Block, Shrinking Block, Falling Branches, Eternalism
3  Morphing Block
4  The Hypertime Hypothesis
5  Human Persons and Persistence
6  Meinongianism, Possibilism, Eternalism, and Dynamic Hypertime
§7  Formulating Theories of Hypertime Persistence for Human Persons

§8  A First Pass at Evaluating the Proposals
§9  ManyBlock Theory: A Mashup
§10  Eternalism, Presentism, and the Hypertime Hypothesis

Chapter 6 - Epistemology and the Hypertime Hypothesis

1  Epistemic Possibility and Local Skepticisms
2  Demons, Vats, Induction, Minds, Morality, Yesterday Worlds, Boltzmann Brains
3  Some Familiar Responses
§4  The Epistemic Status of the Hypertime Hypothesis

Chapter 7 - Religion and the Hypertime Hypothesis I

1  Omnipresence
2  Two Historical Views and a Recent Controversy
3  A Brief Glance at Two Under-Explored Non-Occupation Relations
4  An Old Time Revival
5  Occupation Relations
6  Occupation Accounts of Omnipresence and Our Six Puzzles
§7  Eternality and Creation

Chapter 8 - Religion and the Hypertime Hypothesis II

1  The Problem of Evil and The Problem of the Best
2  A Best Possible World - the Letter and the Spirit
3  The Multiverse
4  The Multiverse and the Second and Third Inconsistent Triad
5  The Multiverse and the First Inconsistent Triad
6  Five Philosophical Postscripts

Chapter 9 - The Fall and Original Sin: The Reconciling-Resources of Hypertime

1  An Opening Reflection
§2  The Doctrines of The Fall and Original Sin: Extreme Literalism