Office: ES 425

Tel: (360) 650-6573


Bernie Housen, Professor and Chair, WWU Geology Dept.

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1994

MS., University of Michigan, 1990

BS., University of Washington, 1988

Paleomagnetism, Geophysics, Structure/Tectonics.


Here is a copy of my current CV

Pacific NW Paleomagnetism Laboratory

We have a full-service paleomagnetism lab, where we are able to do just about any sort of paleomagnetic or rock-magnetic measurement you would want. Click on this link for more info: paleomagnetism


We also captured images of the construction of our field-free room, back in 1998, by the Lodestar Construction crew. So, check it out...

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (AMSEC)

A group of faculty from several science departments at WWU are in the process of establishing a center for materials science research. Click on the link above to see more details!

Research Projects:

I am always looking for good students to do MS projects. Here is a list of projects that I am working on. If these sound interesting, and you want more details, please contact me.

  • Application of paleomagnetism and rock magnetism to study deformed rocks and tectonic evolution:
    • Block rotation, timing of folding, and remagnetization of carbonates in the Helena Salient, MT
    • Paleomagnetism of the Ghost Rocks, Kodiak Islands: implications for N. America - Pacific Basin tectonics
    • Paleomagnetism and magnetostratigraphy of the Salton Trough, San Jacinto Fault Zone
    • Block rotation and strain gradients in areas adjacent to the San Andreas Fault, CA.
    • Translation of Cordilleran terranes
    • Continental tectonics of North America
    • Evaluation of inclination error in sedimentary rocks
  • Environmental Magnetism
    • Magnetism of Tree Leaves and particulate matter pollution in Bellingham
  • Diagenesis of Fe sulfides and oxides in marine sediment.
    • Gas Hydrates and Fe-sulfides
    • Magnetotactic Bacteria and Remanence Lock-in
  • Magnetic fabrics in plutons and shear zones.
  • Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar to near-surface geological problems
  • Student Participation in Ocean Drilling Program/Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
    • Lisa Hawkins, Undergraduate Trainee, IODP Exp 301, Juan de Fuca Ridge
    • Allison Dean, Shipboard Scientist, ODP Leg 190, Nankai Trough
  • Seismicity for fun and profit

Courses Taught:

ˇ  Intro to Geology (101 and 211), Structural Geology (318), Marine Geology (340), Geophysics (352), Field Camp (410), Applied Geophysics (452/552), Plate Tectonics (453/553), Practical Paleomagnetism (457/557), Magnetic Fabrics (454/554), Paleomagnetism Seminar (558)




Publications: * denotes graduate student, ** denotes undergraduate student

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