Kodiak Islands NSF Project: Testing Slab-window Paleogeographies

Western Washington University, University of California-Davis

Bernie Housen, Jon Cooper, Sean Gallen: WWU

Sarah Roeske, Kristin O'Connell: UC-Davis

We completed our first field season this past summer. Until we analyze the several 100 samples we collected, all we have set up are some nice field photos.



Almost midnight-July 1, 2006 Alitak Bay camp                                                                                                Ghost Rocks Fm Pillow Andesites, Alitak Bay

Sampling turbidites and andesite pillows: Alitak Bay                                                                                                Our field vehicle at Kiliuda Bay camp


Touch-down Seahawk Air: Moving day from Alitak to Kiliuda                                                                                                                Drilling rocks in the cold rain with the Gumby suit
















Late at night in the cook tent                                                                                                                                 A big bear track on the beach