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Use of APA formatting software

All students must get the following seven files to allow them to do the SLS and term paper assignments.

Download the course outline for:

Download the course calendar for:

Links used in the SLS assignment. TOP

Grading scales for students in Drs. Vernacchia and Suprak's class. TOP

Term paper writing help at the WWU Writing Center.TOP

Sample term papers  Note:  In the sample papers, the font size and margin width are not correct due to size changes occurring with duplication from the originals.  Also, there may be some things in these sample papers which are not perfectly done, but they are not marked as errors in these papers.  See your class requirements and instructions for completing your term paper properly.

  First submission First submission grading sheet Second submission Second submission grading sheet
Sample Paper #1
Sample Paper #2

You can use software to save and format the references in APA style for your term paper. Use of a reference citation software is optional in KIN 301, and the user assumes all responsbility for backing up data, possible data loss, and ensuring that the software is formatting the references (in-text and bibligraphy) in proper APA style.
  • Endnote Web (Free to students with email ending in "". 
    • HINTS:
    1. See product tutorials.
    2. You must download a plug-in to your computer. THIS MEANS THIS METHOD WILL NOT WORK ON CAMPUS LAB COMPUTERS, ONLY YOUR OWN COMPUTER. You can work on the text of your paper on a campus lab computer, but the in-text and bibliography reference work must be done on your computer with the "cite-while-you-write" plug-in installed. You can use this method on a Mac.
    3. If you can get this to method to work, the results are excellent.

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