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Print the mini poster and Pyramid Anatomy for the Cardiovascular Disease unit

Term paper requirements for Dr. Chalmers

Videos & Links for lectures

1918 Flu

2009 Flu:  Mexico Flu (.flv1  .flv), Mexico Closed (.flv1  .flv), Schools Closed (.flv1  .flv)

Bird Flu. (Archive copy) Click on the "Multimedia" link in the left side list, then after it loads click on "begin your journey"

Interactive Human Atlas.  For topic discussed by Dr. Chalmers in Health 345, Click on the text "3D Medical Animations" in the left side list of Health Resources, then follow the instructions to view videos for the following topics:

  •  6- allergies
  • 12-Asthma
  • 39-Depression
  • 40-Diabetes
  • 99-Myocardial Infarction
  • 102-Osteoarthritis
  • 127-Stroke
Asthma Alzheimers Parkinsons Contest music

Sodium 101 (Canadian Stroke Network)
Bad Fat Brothers (American Heart Association)

Food Expiration Date Interpretation

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