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Required material for lecture and lab units

Supplemental information for class

Required Material For Lecture and Labs Units
To prepare for the lecture and the labs please print each of the lecture notes files, the lab manual, and the readings that go with the lab manual, i.e., all the files within this "Required" materials section.

NOTE: a few students report trouble opening some of the files below on occasion. The problem lies with the browser the student is using. Use a different browser, perhaps even a different computer and the file will be available. Or save the file to your computer and print the file from there (do not open the file WITHIN a browser window, that is what can not handle the large file size).

Course Syllabus

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Lecture Notes
Pre-training issues
Flexibility, static & dynamic stretching, and warmup
Resistance training exercise techniques
Resistance training program design
Cardiovascular activity technique
Aerobic training program design
Physical activity guidelines for Americans 2008 - fact sheet
Athlete training
Exercise makes you fitter, perhaps
Plyometric training
Concurrent Training

Lab Materials
Lab Manual
Readings for some lab units:
To go with stretching technique lab:
To go with posture lab:
To go with trunk and pelvis core lab
To go with body weight exercise lab
To go with plyometric exercise lab

Supplemental Reading Materials For Course

Stretching and Warm-up
Stretching before sprinting
The Static Stretching Rennaissance (pdf version)  (source recommended in NSCA textbook)
Stretching Before Exercise - Core Performance
Eight Mobility Drills Everybody Should Do (Micheal Boyle)
Core flexibility
Foam Rollers (Michael Boyle)
Static streching/flexibility (James Madison University)
Stretching (on video list at bottom of page that opens). & ACSM (Video)
Spine Rotation
Dynamic warm-up (excellent demonstration video)
Dynamic Warm-up-from Duke Medical Center
Warm-‐up, stretching, strengthening, plyometrics, and sport specific agilities to address potential deficits in the strength and coordination of the stabilizing muscles around the knee joint.  Santa Monica Sports Medicine Research Foundation. Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) Program. (pdf)

Stretching and Warm-up
Mike Boyle - lessons on training rotating athletes Part 1
Mike Boyle - lessons on training rotating athletes Part 2

Resistance Training Libraries of Exercises

ACE exercise library
ACE exercise videos
NSCA Videos
Air Force Academy Athletic Strength and Conditioning. Videos on: Trunk, Lower, Upper, & Total Body
Power & strength training
Strength Training (on video list at bottom of page that opens). & ACSM (Video)

"POSTURE" example during exercises
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Introduction to plyometrics - Converting strength to power
Introduction to plyometrics
Theoretical and practical issues for plyometric training
Form and safety in plyometric training
Practical guide to plyometric intensity
Practical progressions for upper body plyometric training
Donald Chu (Source recommended in NSCA text)
Plometric Drills (James Madison University)
Plyometric Training Progression Videos (Michael Boyle)

Agility Training 
Agility Training

Unstable Surfaces

Unstable surfaces

Stability Balls
Stability Balls
Stability Ball Training

Trunk & Pelvis "Core"
No more situps Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Core training library Videos (Michael Boyle)
Advanced Lumbar Stabilization Exercises
An Experts Take on Core Training

A sample program for periodizing the general athlete
Periodized training for the strength and power athlete

Resistance Training Endurance Athletes
Resistance training and endurance athletes
Benefits of strength training for enduance athletes
Power training for endurance athletes
Running economy and resistance training

Athlete Training
Triple Extension - the key to athletic power
Speed training (James Madison University)
Footwork & agility (James Madison University)
Athlete training from Husker Power

Interval Training
Interval training

Boyd Epley Lecture Video
NSCA Strength & Conditioning Professional Standards & Guidelines