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Needs assessment questionnaire assignment

Rationale Assignment

Mission, goals, objectives assignment  (Download)

Program intervention assignment  (Download)

Program resources assignment

Intervention activity assignment


Wellness Councils of America

Ergonomic Certifications

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Needs Assessment Questionnaire Assignment. 
Do an online needs assessment survey using:

Rationale Assignment.
National, State and Whatcom country health data.

Health & exercise science literature search resources.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

View a sample short document that illustrates how the in text and reference list citations are to be done for the assignment.  The orginal material did not include references, so "dummy" references have been inserted into the example to illustrate how you are to include references in the text, and a bibliography list.  The references were taken from a paper on another topic to quickly illustrate how APA style references should be used in the reference list, and so do not correspond to the sample topic of prostate cancer, but do illustrate how to cite sources in text and in the reference list.  Note that the information in the text is well referenced (i.e., statements of fact are followed by a source).

For this brief report format you use a modified APA citation method.  Specifically you must cite your references as follows:

  • Create a bibliography list using all of the APA rules for how to cite a source in a reference list, and sequence the list in alphabetical order, by author name.
  • Add numbers to the reference list to identify each reference.
  • Cite the information in the text using the numbers as superscript immediately following the related information in the text. Note that if you are citing a continuous series you use a hyphen rather than listing all of them.  e.g., use: 1-4,6 rather than: 1,2,3,4,6.

 The original material in the sample was obtained from the Intellihealth web site (InteliHealth (2000). Health A-Z. Retrieved December 20, 2000 from the World Wide Web:

Program Resources Assignment.

Intervention Activity Assignment.

 Wellness Councils of America  - Worksite Health Promotion


The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) is the only certifying body for human factors / ergonomics practitioners that is recognized / endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association / IEA

Other certifications: 

The Back School: