PE 506 - Research Design in Human Movement and Performance
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For the Course: | PE 506 lecture notes | SLS assignment | Excel & SPSS data files | Human Subjects Certification | Power Point | Shifting The Evidence-Unit 6 Article |
Resources for research: | On-line statistics text books | nQuery Advisor | Power AnalysisEMG data collection and analysis |

Before the first meeting of the class, each student should:

The lecture notes you need to print come in two parts:
(A) Course lecture notes.
(B) Excel lesson lecture notes.

SLS Assignment 
PRINT  files 1-3, Save a disc copy of  file 4.

  1. APA style lecture
  2. List of journals that have the two different page numbering systems
  3. SLS help for the SLS assignment.  This file is for the undergraduate SLS assignment.  It covers some of the literature sources for the 506 SLS assignment.
  4. The SLS assignment
Resources for the SLS assignment Training and certification program on the protection of human subjects.

Data for the Excel and SPSS lessons, and the data file for the statistics assignments.  



 On-line statistics text books. 

Download site for free power and sample size software: G*Power

Discussions of power analysis in research:

Useful discussions regarding EMG data collection and analysis methods. (HELP  if you can not view or print a document)

EMG literature resources from delsys inc.

EMG literature resources from other sources.

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