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Dr. Chalmers'  advisees, or any student interested in learning about Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Health Care Professions (Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Athletic Training) or Kinesiology/Movement Studies professions, should drop by his office (ET 275) to sign up for a meeting time in his office hours, or contact him to make an appointment outside of office hours.  Alternately, you can send your questions via email or phone.
  • gordon dot chalmers-at-wwu dot edu  (replace "-at-" with "@", " dot " with " .  ")
  • 360-650-3113

The following are a set of answers to FAQs that students often ask.  

  • How do I take a class at Whatcom Community college?
  • How do I calculate my major GPA for a  graduate school application?  
    Here is WWU info:  Note that their calculator allows for a maximum of 10 classes, that can be added to a previous total.  So if you have more than 10 classes, do the first 10, then use that total at the top entry line when you repeat the calculator process adding the remaining classes to the previous calculation. 
    Also consider:
  • How do I apply to graduate? Deadlines for graduation application are found at the top of page 1 of the degree application form.
    1. Sign up for an office hour appointment with Dr. Chalmers.
    2. Prior to your appointment, e-mail Dr. Chalmers and tell him you will be doing a senior evaluation at an upcoming appointment, and include your student number in the e-mail. Dr. Chalmers will then run your senior evaluation prior to your appointment, to save time during the appointment.
    3. At the appointment Dr. Chalmers will review the senior evaluation with you, and identify any courses you have left to take, and the term they will be taken in.  Dr. Chalmers will give you this copy of the senior evaluation.
    4. You then obtain the degree application form from the registrar's office, and fill in the required fields on page 1, 2 (current and remaining courses), & 3.
    5. Submit the senior evaluation from Dr. Chalmers (step 3) and the completed degree application form (step 4) to the registrar's office.
  • Some questions that could be asked of a school you are thinking of going to (OT/PT specific, can be modified for other types of schools):
    • If the school is out of state, ask what states are approved to complete level II fieldwork in. Is Washington on their approval list? Where do they send students and for how long at a time?

    •  For level I, ask if there will be a practitioner (PT, OT etc.) there as your supervisor.

    • Check what areas the school focuses on. E.g., focus on physical rehab and much more clinical-based courses with lots of anatomy. Versus lots of advanced research and data analysis courses every semester, and minimal graduate level anatomy classes.
  • Military Scholarship programs for Health Care Professional Schools:
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