Mathematica at WWU

notes by Branko Ćurgus

Mathematica at WWU

These notes are written for
which is available in BH 215. This is the latest version that we have. The current version of Mathematica is v.10.
Getting started

Selected videos from

A good place to start with learning Mathematica are the following videos from Please read my comments as well. One general comment: In the movies below please ignore everything that relates to free-form input. Your homework notebooks should not contain free-form linguistic input. Only Mathematica language is allowed for calculations on Assignments.

Brackets in Mathematica

Before presenting a few examples of how to use Mathematica it is important to notice that there are five types of brackets in Mathematica:
Each example below uses some (or all) of these brackets. Please pay attention and make each example a learning experience.
What to do if things go wrong?

Eventually things will go wrong. Mathematica might stop responding. When this happens, there are 6 ordered actions that you can do to remedy things. Start with the first action, then proceed to the next one until Mathematica responds.
  1. Abort evaluation in the Evaluation menu; the keyboard shortcut is Alt+.
    (This means: hold down the Alt key, then press the . key shortly, and release the Alt key.)
  2. In Evaluation menu chose Quit kernel, then click Local.
  3. Activate the Windows Task Manager by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del, then select Processes tab. Highlight MathKernel.exe in the Processes list and click End Process.
  4. Exit the Mathematica notebook in the File menu; the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+F4.
  5. Exit Mathematica in the File menu; the keyboard shortcut is Alt+F4
  6. Activate the Windows Task Manager by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del, then highlight Mathematica in the Applications list and click End Task.
  7. Power off your computer

Random, but important remarks

Mathematica has a lot of shortcuts

Here I list shortcuts that I use often.
Arithmetic in Mathematica

Mathematical functions and their explorations

Recursively defined functions