Current Research

The general goal of my research is to understand the various underlying processes (e.g., stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination) that influence contemporary intergroup relations (e.g., racism, sexism, heterosexism) and how social psychological research can work toward improving such affairs. Among the many questions we attempt to address are:


 Why are positive stereotypes of groups (e.g., Blacks are athletic, women are nurturing, Asians are good at math, etc.) perceived as more acceptable than negative stereotypes? How can positive stereotypes have negative consequences for targets, perceivers, and intergroup relations in general?


 What happens when one person confronts another personís prejudiced remark? Despite negative initial reactions, confrontations can be effective in reducing biased responding. But what factors determine the effectiveness of such confrontations? How can other people in the situation be influenced by having observed a confrontation?


If you are interested in becoming involved in my lab as a research assistant (and also receive credit for PSY 300), please contact me ( to set up a meeting.



WWU Department of Psychology


Alexander M. Czopp

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology