Associate Professor

Department of Psychology, MS 9172

Western Washington University

516 High Street

Bellingham, WA 98225-9172


Office: Academic Instructional Center 192

Phone: (360) 650-3573

Fax: (360) 650-7305




Ph.D.       University of Kentucky, Experimental (Social) Psychology                                                                2004

M.S.          University of Kentucky, Experimental (Social) Psychology                                                                2001

B.A.          St. Mary’s College of Maryland (Psychology), cum laude                                                                        1998




2011 to Present                       Associate Professor, Western Washington University

2008 to 2011                            Assistant Professor, Western Washington University

2004 to 2008                            Assistant Professor, University of Toledo         




Faculty Development Grant for Department of Psychology (2009) $2,500

Summer Research Grant, Western Washington University (2009), $5,000

Honors Professor of the Year, University Honors Program, University of Toledo (2008)

Summer Faculty Teaching Fellowship, Center for Teaching & Learning, University of Toledo (2006), $10,000 

University Research Award and Fellowship, University of Toledo (2005) $10,000

NIMH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, Individual Fellowship (2003-2004) $31,657

Dissertation Year Fellowship, University of Kentucky (2003-2004) $16,000

Society for Personality & Social Psychology Student Travel Award (2004)

Graduate Student Incentive Program Award, University of Kentucky (2003)

Sam Gunto Award for Graduate Research in Social Psychology, University of Kentucky (2002)

SPSSI Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize, Honorable Mention (2001-2002)

Kentucky Opportunity Fellowship, University of Kentucky  (1999-2000)

APA Minority Fellowship Program, Honorable Mention (1998, 1999, 2000)

Margaret Floy Washburn Award for Outstanding Research in Psychology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (1998)


PUBLICATIONS (* indicates student collaborator)


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