Professor Eric DeChaine and students have been focusing collecting efforts and botanical inventories in the arctic and alpine tundra around the North Pacific Rim, from the Rocky Mountains, Cascades, and Coast ranges of North America, across Beringia, and throughout Siberia, the Russian Far East, and Japan.



Our ongoing research into the evolutionary and biogeographic history of the arctic-alpine clade
of Saxifraga sect. Bronchiales is continuing to yield exciting discoveries and generate
challenging questions.



Sam Wershow's manuscript on the plight of endemic alpine plants in the Olympic Mountains is featured
as a Highlight in the
American Journal of Botany!

Trevor Bloom's manuscript
on the importance of georeferencing herbarium specimen data was recently published in
Ecology and Evolution.

arctic alpine botany biogeography phylogeography systematics tundra beringia pacific northwest cascade coast olympic rocky mountain flora flower refugia saxifraga austromontana bronchialis cherlerioides funstonii taylorii tricuspidata vespertina spinulosa stelleriana derbekii rebunshirensis nishidae yuparensis anadyrensis kolymensis Alaska Washington Oregon British Columbia Russia Siberia Greenland Japan Eric DeChaine

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