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Lena Ericksen

Me in my home study.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden but grew up in the Swedish university town of Uppsala. Though I’ve been a city dweller for most of my life, I’ve always had a profound appreciation for the natural world. This extends to my love of animals: to this day I encourage wild animals to visit my garden and take refuge in the quiet shade of the trees that grow there. Each summer I leave grain and seed out for the deer in order to help the young mother deer wean their fawns onto solid food. Each fawn is given a name. This year’s fawn was named Albie.



My cats Mr. Tiger and Miss Molly Mayhem.



I’m also very fond of cats. Two cats adopted from the Whatcom County Humane Society currently dominate my household. They are named Mr. Tiger and Miss Molly Mayhem. I regard them as my domestic spirits of the Muses because they frequently lounge among the books that are ubiquitous—they are literally everywhere--to my home. Perhaps an essential insight into my attitude to learning can be gleaned from this. I don’t regard learning as a chore but rather as a life-affirming activity. Or to use a more concrete image, for every DVD that I own I also have the books upon which it was based, for the former is usually just the shadow of the latter.

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