Selected Food Articles

See more of Gigi's (with Rebekah Green) food resilience writing narrative at and the Resilience Institute/Bounce Back Blog

Published in 2013: Resilience in Agriculture: Small- and Medium-sized Farms in North Washington State. With Rebekah Green and Bryant Hammond. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 37(3): 316-339.

Published in 2011: Stability, sustainability, and catastrophe: Applying resilience thinking to U.S. Agriculture." With Rebekah Green and Bryant Hammond. Human Ecology Review 18(2): 115-125.

Alert consumers committed to protecting county farms
Bellingham Herald. June. 2011

City of Bellingham and Whatcom County Peak Oil Task Force. City of Bellingham and Whatcom County "Energy Resource Scarcity/Peal Oil Task Force Report." Bellingham, WA. Authored as part of the Task Force.

"Kenya-Starvation and food insecurity in the land of plenty"

Teaching and Researching Community Resilience and Disaster Reduction" With Rebekah Green. Chapter 7 in Ideas from an Emerging Field: Teaching Emergency Management in Higher Education.

Reflections on Agriculture and Food Security, Farm Living and Livelihoods, and Urban-Rural Encroachment: Whatcom County Agriculture's Biggest Challenge

Everyday Farming is Food Security
Posted on Institute for Global and Community Resilience blog: BounceBack

Food Security and Sustainabilty: A Crisis of Culture and Policy

Food Security: Ways Forward Through Cooperative Producion and Marketing

Commentary on the challenge to change: Participatory research and professional realities(Published in Society and Natural Resources.  15: 847-852, 2002)

Changing the way America farms: Knowledge and community in the sustainable agriculture movement
(Published in Ethics, Place, Environment.  5(1): 73-77, 2002) (Review Essay)

Pesticide Use in Italian Food Production. BioScience 33 (8): 502-506

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