Selected Tribal Publications


Handbook for Facilitators
Principles and Adaptation of the Tribal Environmental and Natural Resources Management 
Model for Tribal Colleges
(Bellingham: Northwest Indian College, 2001.  Gigi Berardi lead editor)

Recent Articles

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) --Whose settlement was it: An overview of salient issues. See Journal of Land, Resources & Environmental Law 25(2): 131-137, 2005.

Unforgiving geographies and the unsettling of Alaska. See Journal of Land, Resources & Environmental Law 24(3): 409-412, 2004.

Science and culture in a curriculum for Tribal management
(Published in American Indian Culture and Research Journal.  26(3): 47-64, 2002)

Toward wholeness in Tribal science education
(Published in the newsletter of the Washington Center for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education, 2002)

Science education in Tribal homelands 
(Published in Environmental Practices Journal.  4(2): 70-71, 2002)

Rural participatory research in Alaska:  The case of Tanakon village
(Published by the Journal of Rural Studies.  15(2): 171-178, 1999)

Rural sanitation and participatory research in an interior Alaskan village
(Available through inter-library loan; published by the school of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, University of Fairbanks.  Publication 99-7, 1999)

Schools, settlement, and sanitation in Alaska Native villages
(Published in Ethnohistory.  46(2): 329-359, 1999)

Natural resource policy, unforgiving geographies, and persistent poverty in Alaska Native villages
(Published in Natural Resources Journal.  38(1): 85-108, 1998)

Application of participatory rural appraisal in Alaska
(Published in Human Organization.  57(4): 1-9, 1998)

Book Chapters

Learning About Rural Alaska Native Economies in Transformation: An Application of Participatory Research Methods
(Chapter 20 in The New Countryside: Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change, 294-309
Saint Mary's University, Halifax, N.S., 2003)

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