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When space is available, I search for students to work on a number of projects as research assistants. It is my goal to make student research collaboration as beneficial as possible for both the student and myself. As such, I will strive to provide students a variety of activities to provide the best overall experience. As research assistants demonstrate their responsibility, ability, and commitment, they will be provided with increasingly more complex and involved tasks.


Working as a research assistant is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience with psychological research (which, believe it or not, is actually fun!), learn a great deal about specific topics, and gain skills that will be valuable for those planning to continue on in graduate school.


As a research assistant, you will be expected to maintain whatever commitment you make to the lab (in terms of time and responsibilities) throughout the semester. Your commitment to the lab should be viewed as equally important to your class work. I expect research assistants to be mature, conscientious, and dependable. You will be expected to attend a weekly lab meeting to discuss ongoing research and occasional special topics. I may also expect you to meet individually or in small groups with me as needed to provide guidance on specific tasks.


I prefer research students to make a 3-quarter commitment. This is intended to give students enough time to become familiar with the process of research, and to be able to achieve a degree of independence in their work. If you are interested in graduate school, the ideal time to start as a research assistant is early: late sophomore or early junior year. This will give your professor plenty of time to get to know you very well in order to write a strong letter of recommendation.


If you think you might be interested in working with me, see my research page for more information about my general research interests and fully complete the on-line application located here. Because I want to give as much attention to my research assistants as possible, I am only able to take on a limited number of students. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!




Letters of Recommendation:


 Information for students requesting letters of recommendation from Dr. Graham.