Ecology and Evolution of Marine Invertebrates

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Students in my laboratory focus on how organisms alter their morphology and behavior in response to different environmental conditions, typically biotic conditions. Within the last thirty years research has demonstrated that these responses, referred to as phenotypic plasticity, are very common in nature. The question now is how these responses affect evolutionary and ecological processes. This is the overarching question that drives research in my laboratory.

Contact Info

516 Hight St
Deptartment of Biology
Western Washington University
Mailstop 9160
Bellingham, WA 98225

Office Phone: (360) 650-3640
Lab Phone: (360 650-7480
Fax: (360) 650-3148

Office: Biol 410
Lab: Biol 340

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research

Students interested in gaining research credit while working in my lab should contact me.

Graduate research

I will not be taking any new graduate students fall 2018. I recommend that you look at Dr. Deborah Donovan's (Biology) and Dr. Brian Bingham's (Environmental Science) labs; we have similar research interests.
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