Current Graduate Students

  • Geoff Mayhew. Hatching plasticity in nudibranchs.
  • Zoe Zilz. Host-parasite population dynamics associated with sea star wasting disease.
  • Carter Urnes. Recovery of Heliaster kubiniji since mass mortality in the Gulf of California in the late 1970s.
  • Patrick Barnes. Distribution of green crabs in Pacific Northwest estuaries.

Current Undergraduate Students

  • None currently

Past Graduate Students

  • Chris Morgan. Morphological, behavioral, and reproductive plasticity in the marine snails
  • Caitlin O'Brien. Effects of tidal height and immersion time on morphological plasticity in three species of the marine snail in the genus Nucella
  • Kathrine Brown. Synechococcus distribution and abudnance in the San Juan Archipelago, Salish Sea
  • Avram Feld. Effects of temperature and oxygen on brood size of brachyuran crabs
  • Emily Grason. Effects of a native predator on two invasive oyster drills and oysters
  • Samantha Hamlin. Cnidarian bleaching and the synergistic effects between temperature and predators

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Timothy McClure. Quantifying the time marine snails graze using hydrophonic methods
  • Sarah Coder. Developing a hydrophonic system to quantify the time marine snails graze
  • Warren Kohl. Infectiousness experiments with the seastar Pisaster ochraeus
  • Austin Abendroth. Infectiousness experiments with juvenile seastars
  • Robert Beck (MIMSUP 2014). Infectiousness experiments with the seastar Pycnopodia helianthoides
  • Ken Tran. Effects of environmental variation on inducible defenses
  • Mark Callaghan (REU 2011). Predator-induced hatching of nudibranch larvae
  • Bryce Mecum. Northwest Pacific field guide website
  • Chris Vennum. Color variation in seastars
  • Elizabeth Wackenhut. Density-dependent grazing in littorines
  • Emily Stefansson. Density-dependent grazing in littorines
  • James Soda. Influence of predators on sea urchin digestion
  • Eileen Geraghty. Developmental mechanisms of plasticity in sand dollar larvae
  • Emily Stefansson. Inlfuence of creosote on the distribution of fouling organisms
  • Lisa Porter (REU 2008). Inducible defenses in whelks to seastars
  • Kevin Byron. Aggressive behavior in the sea anemone Metritium
  • Tricia Goulding (REU 2007). Inducible defenses in whelks to multiple types of predators
  • Nicole Kollars. Inducible defenses in embryos of the alga Fucus gardneri
  • Allison Gibbs. Inducible defenses in embryos of the alga Fucus gardneri

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