Rachel Severson

Department of Psychology

Western Washington University

 Children, Technology, & Nature Research Lab

Director: Rachel Severson, Ph.D.

Current Research

How do children understand robots?

We are interested in how children think about life-like robots. In this study, we are investigating whether individual differences in children (such as differences in their tendency to anthropomorphize or engage in pretense) are related to whether children think about a robot as animate, perceptual, social, and/or moral entities.

Thanks to all of the children and families for helping with this study!

Individual Differences in Anthropomorphism in Children

In a series of studies, we are validating a new measure of individual differences in anthropomorphism for use with children as young as 5 years old. The Individual Differences in Anthropomorphism Questionnaire - Child Form (IDAQ-CF) has been adapted from an adult measure (IDAQ) developed by Waytz, Epley, & Cacciopo (2010).


Lab Location

Children, Technology, and Research Lab

Academic Instruction Center, Room 163

Research Team

Back Row (Left to Right): Zac Cote, Sarah Fay, Kristi Fairbanks, Rachel Severson, Kelsey Wheat, Rebecca Younger.

Front Row (Left to Right): Angela Dodge, Melina McCrain, Jordan Rice, Megan Dachenhausen, Jesse Wear.

Not pictured: Caleigh Horan-Spatz, Ellen Johnson, Austin Humphries, and Holly Groussman.


Research Assistants

Zac Cote

Megan Dachenhausen

Angela Dodge

Caleigh Horan-Spatz

Austin Humphries

Kristi Fairbanks

Sarah Fay

Holly Groussman

Ellen Johnson

Melina McCrain

Jordan Rice

Jesse Wear

Kelsey Wheat

Rebecca Younger