Historic buildings of Bellingham City Center

This list is arranged by street address or district.
The numbers on the buildings are those assigned in the "City Center Design Standards—Historic Resources list." See [Map] for locations.
Buildings not numbered are not on the list of historic resources, but on one or more of the National, State or Local registries of historic places.
To see the list ordered by the numbers on the "City Center Design Standards—Historic Resources list" see [Historic Resource List] arranged numerically,

N-S and E-W running streets
[W Champion and north]
NW-SE running streets
 [W Holly, west of Oakland Block] [Streets near Holly and west of Old Town] [Holly east of Oakland Block] [Chestnut] [Magnolia]
NE-SW running streets.
[Bay St] [Commercial St] [Cornwall Ave] [Railroad Ave] [State St] [N Forest St]

Compiled by Jim Talbot, April 29, 2009, to include all the sites on the Historic Resources list of the City Center Design Standards.

Descriptionsof the buildings listed in Bold type are copied from the Historic Tour Bellingham city web site:  http://www.cob.org/services/neighborhoods/historic/tour/index.aspx    

Notes on the history of some of the other buildings are adapted from Turbeville, Daniel E. III, 1977, An Illustrated Inventory of Historic Bellingham Buildings 1852-1915, pp. 1-284, Bellingham Municipal Arts Commission.

W Champion St. and buildings to the north--these streets run N-S or E-W

    19. Apartment Hotel Cissna                                     308 W Champion St. (Mt Baker Apartments) 
    36. Carnegie Library Comfort Station                      109 W Champion St.
    22. Mt Baker Theater                                             106 N. Commercial St.
    20. Gilbert Flats                                                      201-205 N Commercial St. (The Avalon)
    21. Glencairn Apartments                                        222 N Commercial St.
    23. Thiel & Welter Warehouse                                115 Unity St. (Griggs Office Supplies)
    15. Salvation Army                                                  205 Prospect St. (Cascade Laundry Building)
    16. Fire Station #1                                                  201 Prospect St.
    17. Old City Hall/Whatcom Museum                       121 Prospect St.
    18. Diehl & Simpson Ford Building                          206 Prospect St.
Whatcom County Rail & Light Power Station     201-205 York St. (Construction Supply)
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Streets running northwest to southeast

West Holly St. and streets adjacent  to Old Town

    1. Aftermath Club                                                 1300 Broadway and Holly St. (Westford Broadway Hall)
    2. Lottie Roth Block                                             1100-1106 West Holly St.
    7. US Hotel                                                          700 West Holly St. at C Street
    8. Union Block—Moose Lodge                            600 block W Holly St. Demolished. Site of former Sash and Door
9. Stenger Hotel                                                    600 block W Holly St. Demolished. Site of former Sash and Door
10. Waterfront Tavern Building                              521-523 West Holly St.
    13. Van Kirk Building                                            427 West Holly St. (Old Town Antique Mall)
    14. Wilson Business College                                  401-407 West Holly St. Demolished
    24. Oakland Block                                                310-318 W Holly St.--Triangle of Holly, Prospect, and Champion streets.

Buildings on streets near W Holly

    3. Picket House                                                     910 Astor St
    4. Great Northern Depot Building                          D Street
T.G. Richards Building                                      1308 E. Street.  (Territorial Courthouse)
    6. Andall Building                                                 1210-1212 C Street at intersection with 700 block of  West Holly St.
    11. Washington Co-op Egg & Poultry Assoc (WCEPA) Mill  Roeder Ave.
WCEPA Building                                             1220 Central Ave 
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Holly St. from Bay St. to intersection with N Forest St.

    26. Northwest Hardware Co.                                 215 W Holly St and 1220-1222 Bay St.
          Barlow Building
    31. Clover Block                                                   201-207 West Holly St.
    32. Red Front Block                                              200 W Holly St. & 1300-3 Commercial St.
    37. Beau Arts Building                                           1301-1307 Cornwall Ave. at corner with W Holly St.
    43. Bellingham National Bank                                101-111 E Holly St.
Horseshoe Café Building                                  113 East Holly St.
    67. Fine Arts Building                                            314 E Holly St.
    68. Old YMCA Building                                        311 E Holly St.
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Chestnut St.

    55. Milwaukee Road Freight Depot                         200 E Chestnut St.
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Magnolia St.

North side  

    33. Kirkpatrick Building                                         206-212 W Magnolia St., 1401-11415 Commercial St., with W Champion St. at the rear
    35. Montague-McHugh                                         114 W. Magnolia St. (Crown Plaza)
    38. Federal Building                                               100-106 W Magnolia St.
    52. The News Stand & Building                             111 W. Magnolia St.
    59. Northern Pacific Rail Freight Depot                  203 E Magnolia St. (Whatcom Transit Authority Bus Depot)

South side

    34. Luther Building                                                 115-121 W Magnolia St.
    51. Howard’s Stop & Shop                                   114-122 W. Magnolia St. and 1329-1335 Railroad Ave.
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Streets running Southwest to Northeast

Bay St.

    25. B.B. Furniture Building                                     1311-1319 Bay St. Triangle of  Holly, Bay, and Champion streets.
    26. Northwest Hardware Co.                                 1220-1222 Bay St. and  215 W Holly St
    27. Holly/Bay/Prospect Building                             1302-1304 Bay St./2-8 Prospect St. Corner of W Holly and Bay (Breier Building)
    28. The Home Store                                              1300 block of Bay St.
    29. Countryman Building                                        1316 Bay St.
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Commercial St.

    30. Kershaw-Moultray Building                             1309-15 Commercial St.
    32. Red Front Block                                              1300-3 Commercial St. & 200 W Holly St.
    35. Montague-McHugh                                         114 W. Magnolia St. (Crown Plaza) at corner of Commercial St.
    33. Kirkpatrick Building                                         1401-11415 Commercial St., 206-212 W Magnolia St.,with W Champion St. at the rear
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 Cornwall Ave.

North side
    37. Beau Arts Building                                           1301-1307 Cornwall Ave. at corner with W Holly St.
    39. Home Telephone Building                                 1411 Cornwall Ave.
    40. Zobrist Building                                                1415-17 Cornwall Ave.
    41. Union Printing                                                   1419-21 Cornwall Ave.
South side
    42. Leopold Hotel                                                 1224 Cornwall Ave.
    44. Bellingham Public Market                                 1400 Cornwall Ave. (Right Aid)
    45. Hagen & Hogberg                                            1408 Cornwall Ave.
    46. Elks Club                                                         1410 Cornwall Ave
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Railroad Ave.

North side
    47. Washington Grocery Building                            1133 Railroad Ave.
    49. Sanitary Meat Market                                       1319 Railroad Ave.   (Bagelry)
    50. Bellingham Candy Co.                                      1321-1327 Railroad Ave.
    51. Howard’s Stop & Shop                                    1329-1335 Railroad Ave. and 114-122 W. Magnolia St.
    53. Stockton’s Paints                                              1413 Railroad Ave.
    54. Montgomery Building                                        1415 Railroad Ave.
South side
    56. Northern Grocery Co.                                      1204-1206 Railroad Ave
    57. Spokane Block                                                 1322-1324 Railroad Ave. (Hohl’s Feed and Seed)
    58. Curt Pless & Co. Building                                 1330 Railroad Ave.
    69. Whatcom County Rail & Light Power Station     201-205 York St. (Construction Supply)
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State St.

North side
          Sanitary Meat Market                                        1015-1019 N. State St.
          Sweet and Company                                          1021 N State St.
    72. Morse Hardware                                               1025-1031 N State St.
    71. Maple Block & Pacific Block                             1051-1059 N State St.
    70. Masonic Hall                                                      1101-1107 N State St.
    60. Daylight Building                                                1205-1213 N State St.
    61. Dahlquist Building                                               1311-1313 N State St.
    62. Betschart Block                                                  1315 N State St.
    63. Puget Sound Power & Light Building                  1329 N State St.
    64. 20th Century Bowling Building                            1411 N. State St.
    65. Fussner Monument Building                                1431 N State St. at corner of E Champion (corner unit not occupied or numbered.)
South side
    73. B.B. Jones Block                                               932-936 N State St.
    66. Hotel Laube/Windsor                                        1226-1230/1218 N State St.
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N Forest St.

    74. First Church of Christ Scientist                           1027 N Forest St.
          YWCA  Building                                               1026 N Forest St.            
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