West Holly Street, Bellingham

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Some of these records in the individual blocks contain occupancy information from the Polk City Directories of Bellingham from 1905, 1915, and 1931-1963 with the exception of 1943, 44, 46, 49, 51, 53 and 1958 that are not in the WWU and Bellingham City Libraries or the NW WA Archives. I have also included searches in the directories from 1901-1930 that involve following individuals or businesses in these directories that do not contain reverse listings; those searches are thus incomplete.

Air photo courtesy of Bellingham City Planning and Community Development. Click on street numbers to go directly to the photo of the building.

The following buildings are listed in the Historic Resources list of the City Center Design Standards:

1. Aftermath Club.                                     2. Lottie Roth Block.  
    (now Westford Broadway Hall)                       1100-1106 West Holly St.
    1300 Broadway or 1412 W Holly
    (Corner of Broadway and West Holly St.)

Buildings 3-5 are not on Holly St.
3. Picket House                                             4. Great Northern Depot Passenger Station      5. T.G. Richards Building  (1858)   (a.k.a.Territorial Courthouse)
    910 Astor St                                                     D Street                                                                1308 E Street.
Federal Landmark status.                                      Federal Landmark status.                                      National Register of Historic Places, 2003, and State and Local status.

6. Andall Building.
    1210 C Street at West Holly. 
    700 block of W Holly St.

7. US Hotel.             
    700 block of
West Holly at C Street.

8. Union Block—Moose Lodge.    
    600 block W Holly St.    

Demolished, on former Sash and Door then Restore site

9. Stenger Hotel.
    600 block W Holly St.
Demolished, on former Sash and Door then Restore site

10. Waterfront Tavern Building.
    521-523 West Holly St.
13. Van Kirk Building.  (Old Town Antique Mall)
    427 West Holly St.
14. Wilson Business College 
401-407 West Holly Street

24. Oakland Block.
    310-318 West Holly St.  Federal Landmark status.
26. Northwest Hardware Co.
    213-215 W Holly St.
    and 1220-1222 Bay St.
The Barlow Building.
    211 W Holly St.  Local register.

31. Clover Block.
    201-207 West Holly St.
    Corner of West Holly and Commercial streets.
32. Red Front Block.
    200 West Holly and 1300-1303 Commercial St.

37. Beau Arts Building. 
    1301-1307 Cornwall Ave.
    at corner with W Holly St.