West Holly Street, Bellingham, 1400 block

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West Holly Street, 1400 block, NE Side

The following building is listed in the Historic Resources list of the City Center Design Standards:

1. Aftermath Club (1904)       (now Westford Broadway Hall)

1300 Broadway or 1412 W Holly (Corner of Broadway and West Holly St.)

Entry from Bellingham City web site:

In 1895, the Aftermath Reading Circle began primarily as a literary and social club organized by a group of New Whatcom women. The name was suggested to indicate "a second gleaning." The organization provided opportunities for socializing and intellectual broadening as well as actively participating in community affairs. The Aftermath Club raised money for the new YMCA and offered an annual prize of $25 for the town's "most improved lawn."

When the reading circle became the formal Aftermath Club the members took the opportunity to build a clubhouse. The structure they built in 1904 is estimated to be the first women's clubhouse in Washington. For many years this was the only clubhouse owned by members, unlike the men's clubs that charged higher dues and had no permanent location. Remarkably, the Aftermath club women managed to finance and pay off the debt of their property while continuing their charitable work.

Along with its significance in local history, the Italian Villa style of architecture of this two-story wood frame clubhouse is notable. This type of building, common in the east, is relatively rare in the Pacific Northwest. The Aftermath Club's literary and cultural ambitions probably influenced their choice of style.

The Broadway Hall is owned and operated by Westford Funeral Home. The hall has been renovated and upgraded to reflect its original character, and is available for weddings, funerals, parties, dances and community events. It has over 5,000 square feet of space available for rent and is listed on the National and State Historic Registers.

1965 Aftermath Clubhouse    1970 1975 1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Aftermath Hall, reception hall
This is the only building photographed so far on the 1400 block.

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