Strike slip faults

Strike slip faults. Here gravity is the middle principal stress and the maximum principal stress is horizontal. The faults are vertical with horizontal slip -- strike slip. If you stand on one side of the fault and the opposite side appears to have moved to your right, the fault is referred to as right-slip or dextral. If the slip is to the left, we call the fault left-slip or sinistral.

56_162. West Bay fault.   View south of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. View from about 62.479704,-114.368763
The fault displaces the Giant Yellowknife ore body from the mine on the light colored peninsular on the left to the mine complex near the top of the photo to the right of the fault. This makes it a left lateral fault.

67_131. Right lateral offset of drainage ditch crossed by the  San Andreas fault.   Almaden winery, CA.
Barry Raleigh, head of the Earthquake Research Group, USGS.

85_375. Great Glen Fault. Loch Ness; view northeast from Ft. Augustus. Scotland. [NH386084; 57.137826,-4.670802]
Gouged out by glaciers, this fault zone crosses Scotland from Fort William to Inverness. It is a late Paleozoic left lateral fault, whose offset was determined by matching granites on either side of the glen.