HLED 201
Perspectives of Human Lifestyle and Wellness


MWF 8:00 a.m.

3 credits


Brilla, Lorrie CV 26, 650-3056 Lorrie.Brilla@wwu.edu

Office Hours: MW 10; T 8-10; by appointment
(usually in the office all morning except for classes)

Course Description: Perspectives of Human Lifestyle and Wellness presents an overview and analysis of lifestyle and wellness in society. The course consists of lecture, discussion, fitness assessment, play experiences and personal lifestyle assessment. Themes to be analyzed are: development of an optimal quality of health; interpretation of components of health and high level wellness; the role of health, fitness, and leisure in contributing to optimal life quality; and factors that influence the maintenance of healthy lifestyles. Students successfully completing the course will demonstrate an awareness of wellness lifestyles as they apply to their own situation and environment in making educated decisions on lifestyle changes. The students will be asked to explore, imagine, create, with respect to decision making and goal setting, lifestyle choices and that promote their wellness. Students will evaluate assumptions, values, and beliefs in the context of community and diversity. Students will reflect on their present lifestyle and how it contributes to or changed to promote wellness. Text: Donnatelli, R.(2006) Access to Health 9th ed. San Francisco, CA: Benjamin/Cummings.

Course Requirements: 90% Three examinations, each worth 30%, are given following each section. 10% Outside class assignments. Students are assigned outside class tasks. The first assignment is a one to two page paper that corresponds to one category of the dimesnions of health (e.g., social, intellectual, emotional, environmental, spiritual, or physical; Chapter 1 of text, pgs. 12-16; or use MyHealthLab online). Select your component within the first two weeks of class. Summarize findings about the topic and describe health behaviors that you can maintain and/or incorporate into your present lifestyle that enhance your health status. Also, indicate what knowledge you need to gain to further enhance your health in this component. Type your paper and turn in no later than 13 January, Friday.

The second assignment is participation in the Fit-Steps '06 health/fitness testing during the week of 13-17 February. All testing results must be submitted by 22 February, Wednesday.

Penalty Points: In written assignments, penalty points will be taken off with regard to English techicial attributes, depending on the severity of the problem. Problem Areas: Expression, ability to transfer thoughts on paper, literary style, sentence flow, paragraph linkage, organization, planning, introduction setting the scene, contents focusing on the title, correct paraphrasing grammar/written work (punctuation, spelling, tense, complete sentences, sentence structure, etc.).
Course Calendar
Week 1 W Introduction/Welcome/Peer Lifestyle Advisor Program (Text: chapter 1) F Ultimate Day Week 2 M Health and Wellness: defining health and well-being; What promotes health status? What compromises health status? (Text: chapter 4) W Choices (Text: chapters 22, 23) F Psychological/emotional health (Text: chapter 2) Week 3 M HOLIDAY (Martin Luther King Day, 16 January) W Stress (Text: chapter 3); Violence (Text: chapter 4) F Addictions: alcohol (Text: chapters 11, 12) Week 4 M Addictions: tobacco, other drugs (Text: chapters 13, 14) W Review and discussion F EXAM #1: chapters and class lecture/discussion, short answer & multiple choice 27 January Week 5 M Sexual health (Text: chapters 5,6,7) W STIs (Text: chapter 17)
On-line sites: STD info
CDC Resource
F Cardiovascular Disease (Text: chapter 15) Week 6 M Cancer (Text: chapter 16) W Diabetes (Text: chapter 18) F Other Modern Maladies (Text: chapter 18) Week 7
*Fit-Steps: Week of February 14th*
M Review and discussion W EXAM #2: chapters and class lecture/discussion, short answer & multiple choice 15 February F Nutrition Basics (Text: chapter 8) Week 8 M HOLIDAY (Presidents' Day, 20 February) W Weight Control (Text: chapter 9) F Physical Appraisal (Text: chapter 10) Week 9 M Physical Activity (Text: chapter 10) W Environmental Health (Text: chapter 21) F Healthy Aging (Text: chapter 19) Week 10 M Death (Text: chapter 20) W Review and discussion F EXAM #2: chapters and class lecture/discussion, short answer & multiple choice 10 March *Not Applicable: Scheduled Final Exam: 17 March, Friday, 10:30-12:30*

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