Science and psychology

-- Science and Psychology
-- Theories, Hypotheses, and Observations
-- In this class

Science and Psychology
What is science?
 A way of discovering truth and evaluating ideas.
 Formalizes a typical human process.

How does it proceed?

Observe   --> explain  --> predict  --> observe

Observation  --> Theory  --> Hypothesis  --> Research Project

You then apply the outcome of your observation to your hypotheses and theories.
Generally, try to disprove theories.

Psychology is applying the tools of science to the study of the human.

Theories, Hypotheses, and Observations

 Set of related ideas that explain observations
 Explains most findings
 Can be applied to new situations
 Theories are general
 Theories are parsimonious
 Theories are falsifiable

 A prediction for a particular context
 Based on a theory
 Cause and Outcome
 Related measures
 Tells you how to design a research project

 An empirical fact
 Outcome of a research project

The misinformation effect
 Presentation of post-event misleading information leads to memory errors.
 Source Monitoring Theory
 Repetition and the misinformation effect

In this class --
 You make one round of the process

Keep in mind the basic loop
Experiment  --> Theory  --> Hypothesis  --> Experiment

You start with a basic issue
 You find the theories concerning that issue
  Those theories make claims about what causes things
   You make predictions based on what you expect to cause what
    You design experiments to vary cause and measure outcome

There should be plenty of theory and work in research domains to make
  -- precise predictions
  -- well controlled experiments