Research in the Human Cognition and Neural Dynamics Lab (HCND) seeks to understand the link between complex human behavior and the spatiotemporal dynamics of the brain.  It is widely recognized that human behavior, in all its rich forms and with all its inherent variability, arises primarily from the interplay between distributed brain regions.  At the HNCD, we use electroencephalgraphy (EEG) to measure the electrical activity of the brain with the goal of identifying and quantifying neural signatures of human behavior and ability. Scientists in the lab focus on a number of important and intriguing questions that include the neural mechanisms of face perception and recognition; how musical training affects  the neural processing of language; and the cortical mechanisms underlying the integration of action and perception.     High density EEG is well suited to address these questions because it provides measures of cortical activity on a fast time scale suitable for quantifying rapid changes in neural states and dynamic interchanges between distributed cortical regions.

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Human Cognition and Neural Dynamics Lab