Welcome! Research in the Leger lab

focuses on several themes:


Devices for conversion of solar energy
Organic electronic materials and devices
Nanomaterials and nano-optics


Current research students and projects

Kyle Hoke and Kodiak Murphy: Development of high index dielectric plasmon-polariton waveguides for integration with luminescent solar concentrators (Funded though the National Science Foundation: SOLAR Program)


Kyle Hoke and Logan Morrison: Optoelectronic devices based on OVLS deposited organic crystals (Funded by the National Science Foundation: Division of Materials Research)


Nathan Bradshaw and Carly Klemke: Biocompatible artificial muscles (Funded by the National Science Foundation: Biomaterials Program)


Logan Morrison and Layla Masri: Electronic and optical properties of electrochemically doped organic films (Funded through the National Science Foundation: CAREER Award)


Austin Limanek: Organic optoelectronic devices based on fixed electrochemical junctions (Funded through the National Science Foundation: CAREER Award)











Undergraduate research students are involved in all aspects of research, from lab work to publication. Interested students with majors in Chemistry or Physics should contact Janelle Leger (janelle.leger@wwu.edu) to discuss current research opportunities.






Page last updated 1.23.15


Janelle receives a grant from the NSF to study biocompatible actuators with Amanda Murphy.

Kyle, Kodiak, and Layla receive grants from WWU Research and Sponsored Programs!

Janelle elected to the Executive Committee of the American Physical Society (APS) Topical Group on Energy Research and Applications (GERA).

Nathan studies biocompatible actuators using ToF-SIMS at EMSL.

Tyko and Kyle give talks at the 2014 APS March meeting.

Paper on biocompatible artificial muscles (with Amanda Murphy) is published in Advanced Functional Materials!

Tyko's paper on ion profiling using ToF SIMS appears in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.