Welcome! Research in the Leger lab

focuses on several themes:


Devices for conversion of solar energy
Organic electronic materials and devices
Nanomaterials and nano-optics


Current research students and projects


Ariel Garcia, Joshua Spradlen, and Brook Moore: Properties and applications of electrochemically doped conjugated polymers (Funded by the National Science Foundation: Division of Materials Research and an ACS PRF Award)


Biocompatible artificial muscles (Funded by the National Science Foundation: Biomaterials Program) (Need new students!)


Corbit Sampson: Organic optoelectronic devices based on fixed electrochemical junctions (Funded through the National Science Foundation: CAREER Award)


Karissa Langevin, MacKenzie Jewell, Sarah Clark and Valerie Beale: Development of plasmon-polariton waveguides for integration with solar energy conversion technologies and biosensing

















Undergraduate research students are involved in all aspects of research, from lab work to publication. Interested students with majors in Chemistry or Physics should contact Janelle Leger (janelle.leger@wwu.edu) to discuss current research opportunities.



Page last updated 8.7.18


Jo'Elen heads to graduate school at the University of Montreal!

MacKenzie wins the Kaiser-Borsari Women in Materials Science award AND the CSE Women in Science scholarship!

Sarah/MacKenzie and Jo'Elen give posters at the 2018 APS Northwest Section Meeting.

Janelle gives invited talks at the 2017 ACS National Meeting in Washington D.C. and the SSF conference on Photonics and Electronics in Lund, Sweden.

Rachel's work published in Journal of Applied Physics and Jo'Elen's work is accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

Janelle is named Director of AMSEC (Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center) for 2017/18 and 2018/19.