My appointment at WWU is split between two academic units: the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (AMSEC), and I teach classes in both. I also previously held a split appointment with the Department of Chemistry, and taught there for ten years!

Aside from the core courses that I teach, I am interested in developing curriculum at the interface of materials, chemistry, and physics, and have developed two of the three courses created for Western's interdisciplinary minor in Materials Science.


Courses taught at WWU since Fall 2008:


Physics 419 (Professional Writing for Physicists)

Physics 225 (Modern Physics 2)

Physics 224 (Modern Physics 1)

Physics 190 (Physics Interest Seminar)

Physics 161 (General Physics 1 - Calculus Based)

Physics 162 (General Physics 2 - Calculus Based)

Physics 114 (General Physics 1 - Algebra Based)

Physics 115 (General Physics 2 - Algebra Based)

General Physics Labs


Chemistry 461 (Physical Chemistry)

Chemistry 436 (Instrumental Analysis Lab)

Chemistry 464 (Physical Chemistry Lab)

Chemistry 122 (General Chemistry Lab).

Chemistry 123 (General Chemistry Lab).


Materials Science 330 (Materials Chemistry and Physics 2)

Materials Science 220 (Materials Chemistry and Physics 1)

Materials Science 397C (Intro Materials Physics)


















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Janelle completes her term as Director of AMSEC (Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center) and starts her term as Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

MacKenzie heads to the PhD program in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University!

WWU hosts the 2019 APS Northwest Section Meeting.

Sarah graduates with her M.S. Congratulations Sarah!

Janelle becomes a Founding Advisor for Power Bloom.