ESCI 411: Forest and Fish Assessment

 Winter Quarter

Instructor: Leo Bodentseiner
Office: ES442 Phone: 650-7375 email:
Office hours: TBA (sign-up near door) and by appointment

Teaching Assistant: TBA
Office: TBA Phone: TBA email: TBA
Course description: A field-based course to complement ESCI 410: Forests and Fish; based on laboratory and field investigations of fish habitat and fish communities in streams in and around Bellingham; small groups will conduct assessments in selected streams; 

Text: Aquatic Habitat Assessment: Common Methods by Bain and Stevenson, editors
1. Reports50%
2. Presentation25%
3. Participation25%
Grading: A 92+; A- 90+; B+ 88+; B 83+; B- 80+; C+ 78+; C 73+; C- 70+; D+ 68+; D 63+; D- 60+; F <60



I Introduction; instruments
II Fish identification
III Safety; field methods and handling fish
IV Stream habitat assessment
V Stream habitat assessment
VI Data analysis
VII Stress and fish pathology
VIII Environmental impacts
IX Field trip
X Final presentations and paper