ESCI 315: Art, Science and Ethics of Flyfishing

2012 Course Schedule for AM (8:30-12) and PM (5-8:30) sections

Week 1 - Fish and Flyfishing

6/18 Introduction to flyfishing equipment rods, reels, lines, how to rig up, flies; Knots & casting

6/20 Field trip to Squalicum Lake for casting practice and fishing - license required

6/21 Video night A River Runs through It - Leo's house

6/22 Common sport fish species in Washington; Fly fishing strategies for fishing creeks, rivers, and lakes;  Regulations and management

Week 2 - Stream Ecology

6/25  Fish, food webs, and productivity; Stream structure and function; River Continuum Concept; Tying the woolly bugger - Fourth Corner Fly Fishers

6/27  Chuckanut Creek / Whatcom Creek collecting; Biology of the bugs; Imitating Western insects

6/29   Field trip to Whatcom Cr. fish, bugs, and fishing

Week 3 - Habitat

7/2   Independence Day holiday - University closed

7/4    The art of the bamboo rod - Hugh Lewis; Book reports; Tying the elkhair caddis - Fourth  Corner Fly Fishers

7/5   Video night Trout Grass and Running the Gauntlet - Leo's house

7/6  Field trip to a Middle Fork Nooksack River watershed

Week 4 - Integrating ethics and ecology

7/9  Habitat conservation and management; Stream restoration; Tying the pheasant tail nymph - Fourth Corner Fly Fishers

7/11-7/13 AM Section: Field trip to the Upper Skagit River, BC / Hozemeen campground

7/13-7/15 PM Section: Field trip to the Upper Skagit River, BC / Hozemeen campground