Graduate Students and Recent Graduates



Ryan Allred M.S. 2007; high school science instructor; Ashland, Oregon
Jahn Kallis M.S. 2005; Ph.D. student at the Ohio State University
Courtney Gardner M.S. 2006; GIS consultant
Jeremy Gilman M.S. 2005; hydrologist for the Makah Nation; Neah Bay, Washington
Karl Mueller M.S. 2007; WWU Shannon Point Marine Center staff
Steve Meyer M.S. 2006; WWU flyfishing course instructor; Rochester, Minnesota
Brooke Penaluna M.S. 2006; Ph.D. student at Oregon State University
Mike LeMoine M.S. 2007; on the road seeing North America in an old Ford van
Ryan Vasak San Diego, California "2nd largest city in California; home to Clyde and Seamore"
Jason Anderson M.S. 2004; Habitat Program Manager, Stilly-Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force
Jordan Sly Issaquah, Washington "Salmon Days Festival" and the notorious "Field of Fun"
Melissa Roberts M.S. 2007; Whatcom County Public Works Marine Resources Committee
Ian Smith M.S. 2009; Knauss Marine Fellow, NOAA, Washington, DC
Jeff Campbell
Carmen Welch Sequim, Washington