Brian G. Rusk

Western Washington University

Research Associate

Contact information

Office: ES 205


Current Address

Geology Department

Western Washington University

516 High St. MS 9080

Bellingham, WA 98225

Current Research


Economic Geology


Earth Resources


Fluid-rock interaction metal and mass transfer

hydrothermal alteration


Porphyry copper systems

Iron oxide copper gold systems



Fluid inclusions, Cathodoluminescence,

Field mapping

Core logging,


Resource consumption Sustainability

Critical resources


I am currently a research associate at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, “the city of subdued excitement.” My current research focuses on combining multiple microanalytical techniques, such as cathodoluminescence, LA-ICP-MS, and fluid inclusion microanalysis in order to understand the formation of mineral deposits. This research is carried out with students and colleagues in our facilities here at Western.

I am looking for new projects and new students to execute these projects. One of my main goals is to try and facilitate the interaction between potential employers in the mineral resource industry and both advanced undergrad and Masters students. In this program students work closely on specific problems of our partners in the minerals industry. This gives students both the educational background and the real world technical skills required to excel in the minerals industry and related fields.

If you are a student looking to obtain an MS degree or if you are in the mineral exploration or mining industry and have a project that you need a student to work on, please contact me. You can find more specific information about research facilities and my current research programs by following links on this webpage.

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