West Holly Street, Bellingham, 300 block

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West Holly Street, 300 block, NE Side

306 W Holly St. (Same building as 13 Prospect.)   5/2/2009

1965 1970 1975 Korthuis Refrigeration Co 1980 Bellingham Heating & Refrigeration 1985   1989-90 Ishkabibles & The Clock Works, sales & repairs 1995 Vacant

View of  306 W Holly St. from across Holly St. The Oakland block is on the left.   4/8/2009
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The following building is listed in the Historic Resources list of the City Center Design Standards:

24. Oakland Block (1890)

Federal Landmark status.
The building occupies the triangle created by the intersection of Holly, Prospect, and Champion streets.
Built by Dr. Ambrose Cornwall in 1890. It was used briefly as government offices in 1891 until City Hall was completed. The upper floor was used as the Oakland Hotel. (Turbeville, 1977, 63-64.)

310 W. Holly:  1965 Van’s Washer & Appliance, repair 1970 Wallen’s Used Furniture 1975 Quad Corner    980 Vacant    1985 1989-90 1995 Bristol Antiques & Books

312 W. Holly:  1965 Kitty’s Nook, used merchandise 1970 Not listed    1975 1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Old Town Traders, antique sales

314 W. Holly:  1965 Wallen’s Used Furniture    1970 1975 1980 Kitty’s Trash & Treasures, used merchandise 1985 1989-90 1995 Bellingham Bay Collectibles

314 ½ W. Holly:  1965 1970 1975 1980 Oakland Hotel Apartments 1985 1989-90 1995 Not listed

316 W. Holly:  1965 1970 Good Eats Café   1975 1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Old Town Café

View along W Holly St.   4/8/2009

View along W Champion St from corner with Prospect.   4/8/2009

View of building east of the Oakland Block from across Holly St. The Oakland block is on the left.   4/8/2009

Oakland Block. 310-316 W Holly St.  5/2/2009

316 W Holly St. 5/2/2009
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West Holly Street, 300 block, SW Side

301 W Holly St.   Bay Street Village. 5/2/2009

301 W. Holly  
Built in 1926 and designed by F. Stanley Piper (Bellingham National Bank Building, Kulshan Club and the Eldridge home on Marine Drive), this Tudor style stucco building first housed the Bay Street Public Market (M.H. Cline, president).  
        In 1928, the market moved into 303 W. Holly with the main store now the Sears Roebuck and Company department store. 
        In 1950-52, the space became vacant.   Bellingham Shipyards Company located a warehouse here from 1954-1959, and the space became vacant again from 1960-1965.  Ted Baker Chrysler-Plymouth was located here for two years, and then in 1966, Thornberg’s Furniture opened. (Helgoe, 2012)

1965 Vacant   1970 Thornberg’s Inc, furniture store   1975 Imports West and various related businesses, and a snack bar   1980 Imports West and 11 other businesses listed   1985 1989-90 1995 Bay St Village, many businesses, many arts related

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301 W Holly St.   Bay Street Village. 5/2/2009

307 W Holly St.     Built 1900.    5/2/2009
307 W. Holly  
The 1931 Polk City Directory records this site as “vacant”.  In 1932, the Volunteers of America Industrial Department is listed, but in 1933, it is again vacant.   Abraham Saperstein sells musical instruments in this location from 1934-1938, and from 1939-1942, the Price Less Shoe Store (Samuel Thal) is listed. 
        The 1945 directory indicates the State Woodworking Company (Fillmore C. McNear), cabinetmakers is the occupant, but in 1947, it is again vacant.  
        In 1948, George J. Fisher operates a bakery, and in 1950, H.C. Rowan occupies the site as Dick’s Home Bakery.  The building is again vacant in 1952.  
        From 1954-1964, Farm Electrical Contractors (Mrs. Anabelle Deming) is located here, but the building is again vacant in 1967. (Helgoe, 2012)

1965 Farm Electric, contractors   1970 Arnold Kelstrup Agency, real estate; 2 notary publics  1975 Vacant      1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Cabin Tavern

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311 W Holly St.     Built 1911.    5/2/2009
311 W. Holly  
The first record of occupancy at this location is Miller Brothers Investment Company, real estate (G. Adolph Miller).  In 1931, Miller has added the office of International Flag Day Association as its president, Hansen Investment Company, Inc., real estate (Hans F. Hansen), Anders Anderson Loans and the Elite Beauty Parlor (Ethel Hall). By 1935, there is Miller Flag Association and the Elite Beauty Parlor. 
        1940-42, this business combination added Edith B. Carhart, real estate and insurance.   In 1945, Germain Magneto Service (Walter A. Germain) became the business located here and on into the 1960s. (Helgoe, 2012)

1965-1970 Germain Magneto Service   1975 1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Fourth Corner Art Gallery, supplies & framing

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