West Holly Street, Bellingham, 500 block

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West Holly Street, 500 block, SW side

501 W Holly St.   5/3/2009
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The following building is listed in the Historic Resources list of the City Center Design Standards:

10. Waterfront Tavern Building   (1910)

521-523 West Holly St.
Built on piles at the rear and on fill at the front, the building has had many owners running restaurants at the rear and commercial firms such as clothing stores at the front. Since 1972 the Waterfront Tavern [now Seafood and Bar] has been the sole occupant. (Turbeville, 1977, pp.227-228.)
521-523 W. Holly   This building of one floor with two business sites was first occupied by the Keith and McDowell restaurant (sometimes listed as McDowell and Keith) from 1911-1913 at 521 W. Holly, and then from 1915-1917 at the 523 location.   Continuing at the 523 location, Hunter and Alloway restaurant opens in 1918-1920/21.  Lester Alloway then operates as The Bridge Lunch with C.H. Watson, and in 1923 as Lester L. Alloway restaurant.  1924-1925, Joseph J. Crabtree has a restaurant here, and in 1926-32, John Martin again operates as The Bridge Lunch.   The location is vacant in 1933, and in 1934, the Sunrise Cafe (Kenzo Okubo) is listed through 1941.  In 1942, the 523 site becomes Ernest Bayes shoe repair through 1945.  From 1947 and on into the 1960s, there are a series of barbershops operating in this location.   After initially appearing as the Keith and McDowell restaurant in 1911 at the 521 location, this site now hosts a series of clothing shops.  David Poplack operates here from 1919-1921, and in 1922, Samuel Koretz, clothing is the occupant.  Rudolph Mastny, clothing, appears in 1924-1927, and again in 1932-1933.  There is a listing of “vacant” in 1931 and again in 1934.  Finally, in 1935, Rudolph Mastny opens the Marine Tavern.  William G. Callihan subsequently takes over the tavern, but it appears as vacant again in 1945.    From 1947, this site at 521 W. Holly becomes the Waterfront Tavern operated first by Edward and Jacob Kammerzell, then in 1956 by William V. Craig. (Helgoe, 2012)

521 W. Holly:  1965-1970 1975 1980 1985 Waterfront Tavern   1989-90 1995 Waterfront Seafood & Bar, restaurant

523 W. Holly:  1965-1970 Waterfront Barber Shop    1975 Vacant             1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Not listed

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521-523 West Holly St.  4/8/2009
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West Holly Street, 500 block, NE side

514 W Holly St. Bellingham Parks and Recreation Environmental Learning Center.  5/3/2009

1965 1970 1975 Fisherman’s Market    1980 1985 1989-90 1995 Fisherman’s Market; Shrimp Shack

Whatcom Creek from near 514 W Holly St.    4/8/2009

River walkway on west bank of Whatcom Creek with former site of Bellingham Sash and Door in background.  4/8/2009

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