Reverse faults

Reverse faults have the maximum and middle principal stressed horizontal. Thus we expect reverse faults to have 30 degree dips with the hanging wall moving up. They are commonly called thrust faults.
Separate pages: [Moine thrust zone of Scotland] [Devon, England, and northern Spain -- duplexes]

55_054. Mt Rundle, one of a series of stacked thrust faults.  Banff, BC. View from [51.171013,-115.565929]

69_034. Folded thrust.  W of Golden, BC, Ca.  [51.317996,-117.500381]
The thrust begins in the bottom left and continues over the lower limestone.

Sawtooths and Glacier National Park, Montana

This sequence was taken flying south to north.

70_097. Thrust stack at Rocky Mountains front.  Castle reef, Sawtooth Range, MT. View from air near [47.734983,-112.487869]

70_100. Lewis thrust along the boundary in the valley between the dark green of the forest and the brown of the rock above. This fault is horizontal for about 50 km from the head of  Marais pass on the left.  The outcrop of the fault turns to the north at the right side of the photo. The rocks in the fore and middle ground are also part of the Rocky Mountain thrust belt and are overridden by the Lewis thrust.  Glacier National Park, MT. Aerial view from near [48.331239,-113.079987]

70_102. Another view of the Lewis thrust, from further north than 100. Aerial view from near [48.352211,-113.222408]

70_103. Chief Mountain, [48.932909,-113.607073], a klippe in front of the main thrust outcrop, isolated by erosion. Glacier National Park.

70_104. Lewis thrust from the east. The rocks beneath the thrust are Cretaceous shales that support the forest. The rocks above the thrust are upper Precambrian quartzite.   Glacier National Park, MT.  View from air about [48.932909,-113.607073]

73_123. Diversion thrust with Mississippian limestone thrust over Cretaceous shales.  Sun River, MT. [47.542839,-111.694679]

73_125. French Creek thrust.  Sun River, MT. [47.542839,-111.694679]

73_120. Thrust of Precambrian-Ravalli quartzite, left, over Mississippian limestone, above re jackets, and second thrust over Cretaceous sandstone and shale.    Montana thrust belt, Highway 200, MT. [47.542839,-111.694679]


87_047. Duplex in Elbow lake cherts.  Canyon Creek, near Glacier, WA. [48.948244,-121.942606]